Is the addon supported in Kodi 18?
Yes, Gaia is supported in Kodi 18 (Leia). There are still a few bugs in Kodi 18 with regards to the settings dialog. Not all settings will show and you might experience scrolling issues if you do not use a mouse. We have added a work around to adapt Kodi 18 settings to work until the Kodi developers release a fix. This adaptation will remove all the help labels in the settings.

If you have issues with the setting dialog in Kodi 18, you can:

  • Adapt the settings and remove the help labels by going to: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Adapt.
  • Use a mouse to scroll through the settings dialog.
  • Switch back to Kodi 17 until Kodi 18 has been fixed.

Last Updated: 18 Mar 2019
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