How do I request a new provider or feature?
If you want to request a new scraping provider, please make sure your suggestion adheres to the following points:

  • Universal and English providers are preferred over foreign provider, since they serve more people.
  • Major websites and APIs are preferred. If you request a scraper for a very small and unknown site, your request will be rejected or added to the end of the queue.
  • If the site has a nifty JSON API we are way more likely to add a provider for it, compared to HTML websites that have to be scraped with a lot of effort. APIs are also faster and more reliable than websites.
  • Free and open websites a preferred of member or subscription services. In case you want a subscription-based provider, a by-invite-only provider, or a private torrent tracker, please send the Gaia developers an account so that the code can be tested. If the website has a subscription with open registrations, you can also donate to the project, so that the developers can purchase an account themselves. Please arrange this beforehand.
  • Ensure that the website shows the found files with their corresponding links or magnets all on one page. Sites that require an additional page to be opened just to retrieve the link are generally frowned upon, since it either limits the capabilities of the addon, or puts a heavy burden on your internet connection and device processing. This is especially important for torrents sites. For instance, the torrent site 1337x does not list the links of torrents or magnets on the results page. You have to open another page just to get the link. This will also not allow for debrid cache inspection.
  • If the websites provides torrent or NZB files, make sure these files can be retrieved from the site without any special restrictions imposed on them.
  • If you any other request a feature besides providers, please be very clear on what you had in mind and how it would benefit the rest of the community.
  • You can always encourage us and possibly speed up your request if you donate to the project.

Last Updated: 11 Feb 2018
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