How do manual and automatic playback differ?
By default, Gaia will show a list of all available streams. You then have to manually select your stream of choice for playback to start. You can customize filters to remove streams that do not adhere to your preferences: Gaia → Settings → Manual.

If you do not want to manually select a stream, you can use the automatic playback option in: Gaia → Settings → Automation. Automatic playback has its own set of preferences and will not use the manual filters. The best stream in the list will automatically be played without any further interaction. In case no stream is found that adheres to your automation filters, the manual list is displayed. You can stop scraping once enough streams are found by enabling early termination: Gaia → Settings → Scraping. It is also suggested to use very conservative setting for the automation, and very liberal settings for the manual playback.
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2018
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