Why do so many hoster providers not work?
Many of the providers accessing hoster links and streaming services are down. This is because the websites that are being scraped are changed very often, causing the underlying structure to change. In addition, these kinds of websites are famous for going offline or being taken down very quickly after launch. Only a few of them stand the test of time.

Depending on your ISP and geographical location, about 60 - 80% of the hoster providers might be down at any given time, sometimes even more. These providers are legacy packages that will all eventually stop working and be be removed from Gaia. There is nothing that will be done about this. Gaia's main aim is to support the premium, torrent, usenet, Alluc and YouTube providers. The remainder of the old legacy providers are not maintained. There is also the NoobsAndNerds scraper addon that is integrated into Gaia. This addon contains mainly hoster providers, many of them similar to the ones natively available in Gaia. However, the NoobsAndNerds providers are actively maintained by the NoobsAndNerds community and are updated more often. These providers are therefore recommended to anyone who does not have a premium account or wants accesses hoster links besides what Alluc provides.
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2018
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