Why do streams fail when accessed?
Some streams may fail when you try to play them. This is especially severe with free hoster links. Torrent links almost never fail and if they do, it is mostly due to a lack of seeds or corrupted files. Usenet files typically fail because they are old and out of retention and therefore not on the server anymore. There are many reasons why a stream might fail:

  • If the stream is from a hoster, the file was probably removed from the server and can therefore not be accessed anymore. To check if this is the case, open the context menu on the stream and select the Copy Link option. Paste the link into a browser and see if and why it was removed.
  • If you are using a debrid service, there might be problems with the debrid server, downloader, or API. Use the Copy Link option in the context menu and add the link manually to the debrid website to get further details of why it might have failed.
  • If you use UrlResolver to access the streams, the addon might be outdated or not support the hoster anymore.
  • A wide range of network issue can occur between your machine and the server. For instance, your internet provider might be blocking certain websites, there might be SSL verification errors, your internet connection or VPN is too slow resulting in connection timeouts, and many more problems. Check the Kodi log to see if there are any clues on what is going wrong.

About 85% of the free hoster links fail, because the corresponding file was deleted from the server. About 10% failures are caused by UrlResolver or debrid services being outdated. The remaining 5% is a result of various network issues and access restrictions.
Last Updated: 06 Jan 2018
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