Why does a download start on playback?
There are two reasons why a download start when you initiate the playback of a stream.

Firstly, a debrid download dialog may appear if you have a premium service such as Premiumize, OffCloud, or RealDebrid enabled. Torrents and usenet streams require a file to be downloaded to your premium account. This download is not to your local device, but to the debrid servers. Once the debrid download is complete, you can start streaming it. In certain cases a torrent or usenet file might already be cached on the debrid server. This allows streaming without having to wait for a download to finish. These links are indicated with a CACHED label in the results lists. Certain premium services like RealDebrid do not support the checking of the cache. Hence, you will have to try your luck with the streams. Some might be cached and ready to stream, others will require a download.

Secondly, a local download dialog might appear, if and only if you have the download or cache option enabled under: Gaia → Settings → Downloads. This download option allows you to manually download the streams to your local machine. The local cache option will automatically download the stream to your local device the moment it is accessed. Make sure you understand how the local downloads work, or just leave the settings in their default disabled state.

If you do not have the the local download option enabled, nothing will be downloaded to your local drive. If you see such a dialog, it is most likely due to a download on the debrid server. Check your debrid downloader in a browser to see if such a file was added to your list.
Last Updated: 04 Jan 2018
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