What is the relationship with Bubbles?
A while back the Bubbles addon was created to compensate for the lack of features and torrent streaming in other addons. Bubbles was continuously improved and had a very dedicated user community. The original developer of Bubbles decided to retire due to a lack of time to work on this project, since Kodi addons are typically maintained and improved for free in the off-time of their developers. Instead of letting the project slowly die by not releasing any new updates, the developer of Bubbles decided to hand over the project to a new group of developers.

Bubbles will not be maintained anymore and all new features and bug fixes will only be released as part of Gaia. Hence, Gaia is the new Bubbles, and not simply another fork like many other Kodi addons. All accounts, repositories, and sites are now managed by the Gaia team.
Last Updated: 01 Jan 2018
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