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Gaia is an open-source project which is and always will be free. We have strong beliefs in a free and open society with personal freedoms and minimal government interference. Gaia is developed and maintained by a group of people who sacrifice their free time without any compensation. If you love the Gaia addon and want to support the development thereof, please consider donating. Gaia has to keep the website and server running - especially for Orion, maintain the premium services, and from time to time has to purchase software and licenses. All this costs money and currently comes mainly out of the pockets of the developers.

We accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and currently do not accept other means of donations like PayPal or credit cards. Almost all of Gaia's running expenses are paid by in cryptocurrencies and are therefore preferred for any contribution. These days it is easy to quickly create a crypto wallet and purchase a few coins via credit card. Although we accept many different currencies, we prefer the main ones, since they pay the bills. That is, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, in that order. If you already own other coins, feel free to donate them.
Last Updated: 01 Jan 2018
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