Which is the best premium service?
Gaia supports a variety of premium or debrid services. Which one is best, is dependent on your preferences and geographic location. Premium services support different hosters, networks, and functionality. The premium services also have different performing servers in different locations. Hence, one service might have a server close to you, and you might therefore get better download speeds from them. You can use the built-in speed test in Gaia to check your connection and compare it against other users' speeds.

The developer’s of Gaia suggest one of the following services:

  • Premiumize: Supports torrents usenet, hosters, and fast debrid inspection. They have the most diverse API, providing advances features. This service has been around for a while and has proven stable over the years. Their subscription packages are medium cost, depending on what time of the year you buy.
  • OffCloud: Supports torrents, usenet, hosters, and fast debrid inspection. They are relatively new to the game and not as mature as some of their competitors. Their packages are also slightly more expensive than some other services. However, their service and support looks very promising and if they maintain their speeds in the future, they will become the new favourite of Gaia.
  • RealDebrdi: Supports torrents and hosters only. Their cache inspection is slow and not well supported. They have been around for a while with consistent speeds. Their API is lacking and does not support as many features as their competitors. Their subscriptions are affordable compared to other services. Some users have also reported better download speeds from them.
  • Other: The other premium services, that is EasyNews, AllDebrid, and RapidPremium are supported but provide very limited features without torrent functionality. These services are not advised, but if you already have an account with them, you can integrate them into Gaia.

If you struggle to decide, Gaia suggest either OffCloud or Premiumize.
Last Updated: 01 Jan 2018
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