What does the settings cache option do?
Kodi has poor addon settings functionality. The settings of addons are saved by Kodi in a file. Each time you request a value from the settings, Kodi will load the file, search for the value, and then close the file again. This is very slow, especially if many settings are accessed within a short period of time, since disk access is a typical bottleneck on almost all systems. Due to this drawback, Gaia is very slow, notably during the scraping process.

To circumvent slow disk access and increase performance, Gaia has an option to load the settings only once, and then store them in memory for faster subsequent access. This will consume about 0.5MB - 1MB additional memory. Although this option makes the entire addon faster, it does not access the settings through Kodi, which might cause problems in old or new (beta) versions of Kodi. This option accesses the settings file directly and relies on a fixed structure of the file. If Kodi changes the structure of the settings, things will stop working in Gaia, however, the chances are small of this happening.

By default the option is enabled. If nothing works in the addon, try disabling it: Gaia -> Settings -> General -> Cache Settings.
Last Updated: 16 Jan 2018
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