What are cached streams?
Cached streams are files that were previously accessed by another user and are temporarily stored on the debrid servers. Files that are not cached have to be downloaded to your debrid account before you can stream them, which takes a while. Cached files can be immediately streamed without any waiting time. Premium services support caching in different ways. Cache inspection must be enabled in: Gaia -> Settings -> Scraping -> Cache Inspection.

Cached links are indicated with a dark purple label in the stream list:

  • CACHED-P: Cached with Premiumize.
  • CACHED-O: Cached with OffCloud.
  • CACHED-R: Cached with RealDebrid.
  • CACHED-XYZ: If more than one letter shows, cached on multiple debrid servers.
  • CACHED: If no letter shows, you only have one debrid service enabled. Equivalent to CACHED-P, CACHED-O, or CACHED-R, depending on which service is enabled.

Note that currently only torrent magnet links are cache inspected. Premiumize has recently also added the ability to cache inspect hoster links. It is possible to inspect torrent and NZB files. However, these files have a size of between 500KB and 5MB. When scraping a single movie or episode, a few hundred megabytes has to be downloaded. This puts a heavy load on the scraped website and also on your own internet connection. For this reason, any stream that requires the download of a file is not cache inspected.
Last Updated: 10 Feb 2018
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