How does the Premiumize point system work?
Premiumize has a point-based system to avoid users abusing their accounts by sharing it with others. Premiumize gives you 1000 points on a sliding time frame. That is, the points are not calculated month-to-month, but for the past 30 days, irrespective of the day of the month. Note that every transfer over their servers consume some of your points.

Some of these points are based on network consumption and can only be regained after a certain period of time. Other points are based on the storage space you consume on their servers. Every time you download a torrent or usenet file over Premiumize, the file is stored on their servers under your account. If you delete old files on your account using the Premiumize File Manager you will immediately regain the points subtracted for storage space, which is in most cases a lot more than the transfer points. You can automatically delete files from your account once you finished watching a stream or on Kodi events: Gaia → Tools → Settings → Accounts.

If you use Premiumize's VPN all day long and watch a few high quality streams every day, you will not even get close to the 1000 point limit if you delete old files. So do not worry about this limit, since it is almost never reached by and average to heavy user. You can find out more about Premiumize's fair usage policy.
Last Updated: 23 Dec 2017
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